Grand Banks Dory

Grand Banks Dory

The Grand Baks dory is a storied rowing craft renown for its seaworthiness, load-carrying ability and shallow draft. They were particularly useful in the fishing trade because of their stacking ability when stowed on deck. Yet they could haul hundreds of pounds of fish. Their relatively narrow shape and sleek lines make them able rowboats. Tippy at first, their secondary stability will get you home in a rough sea.

Grand Banks Dory - posted 2014-09-14

LOA: 16' | beam: unknown | draft: unknown
Petoskey, MI | $1,095 (without trailer)

Grand Banks Dory
Historically significant Grand Banks Dory hand built in Shelburne, Nova Scotia by descendants of the John Williams Dory Shop, est. 1880.

Hand crafted wooden lap strake dory.
Oars and the theopins (oarlocks).
Aluminum and oak centerboard.
Solid spruce mast with wood cleat and halyard block.
Builders signature in bow.
History and correspondence about the boat.

Dory: $1,095
Trailer: $350

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