Beachcomber Dory

Alpha Beachcomber Dory

An evolution of the utilitarian Swampscott Dory and pervious, Beachcomber Dories were early racing dories common in Massachsetts in the early 20th Century. Gorgeous, hard-chined boats, they are fast and seaworthy.

Beachcomber Dory - posted 2014-09-14

LOA: 21' | beam: unknown | draft: unknown
San Juan Island, WA | $7,500

Beachcomber Dory
Perfect Salish Sea Adventure Boat

21' Alpha Beachcomber Dory, built in early 90's, as laid out in John Gardner's classic Dory Book. This is a lovely, eye catching boat that will garner attention galore. Very fun to sail, rows easily, and motors efficiently. I just purchased a 32' sailboat, and don't need two wooden boats, but am sad to see 'Kuiu' go.
This boat has been rowed/sailed through SE Alaska, and is a great boat for day trips or the more intrepid adventurer.


1. Completely refinished in spring of 2013. Teak trim, yellow cedar thwarts, marine plywood planked hull. Painted with top of the line Interlux Brightside paint.
2. Lively and straight forward sail rig with a mainsail and jib. Centerboard. One set of reef points in main.
3. Three rowing seats (boat comes with two sets of oars & oarlocks)
4. Almost new 2.5hp Suzuki outboard. Sits in motor well and pushes boat at 4-5 knots, using 1/2 gallon of gas per hour.
5. Removable floor boards that fit cross wise to create a sleeping platform for two.
6. Canvas awning that attaches to boom to create a roof for camping.
7. Custom canvas cover for storage.
8. Anchor, chain, line.
9. Rusty, old, and unlicensed trailer. This is the one thing that needs replacing. Everything else is in perfect shape.

Boat is in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. This is a one of a kind boat with lots of extras and a great find for the right person or family.

via Craigslist

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