Bolger AS-29

Bolger AS-29

The Bolger AS-29 is a 29’6″ sharpie that sleeps up to four.  It is unmistakably Bolger in its design as a form-trumps-function character boat.  I’ve never seen one in the flesh, but the AS-29 looks like a smart cruising vessel.

10 October 2013 – Sailing Texas – $15,000


I found the Walküre for sale on Sailing Texas this week.  I have emailed myself a whole lot of boats to post here, and I’m going to begin updating the site as consistently as possible.

I’m particularly inspired by this boat and its accompanying blog.  The AS-29 looks like a fun cruising boat.  If I only had $15 grand laying around.  Actually, I could probably find a lot of boats I’d rather pay $15,000 for.  I have no idea what an AS-29 is worth.

In any case, here she is.


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  1. bob collins


    Think it should be “function trumps form” … am in market for a 29 or possibly a 39 based on East Coast. Doubt we could ever build one. Am a retired marine engineer with plan to pack up entire family down to grandkids and travel till the money runs out.

    Please keep me posted,

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