CLC Eastport Pram

CLC Eastport Pram

LOA: 7’9″ | Beam: 48″ | Draft: 5″

I love this Chesapeake Light Craft kit pram. Beamy two-person row/sail boat that can fit in the back of a pickup truck?  Passes the Bolger test of being small enough to fit on the roof of your car.  This boat actually isn’t far from me.  Sure, I already have a Bolger Nymph, but you can always upgrade, right?

Update 10/22/12: I actually bought this boat yesterday.  Pretty little thing in great condition sits up against my living room wall.

Buy a kit or plans from Chesapeake Light Craft

Eastport Pram from CLC

Here is what CLC has to say about the design.

We gave the Eastport Pram deep rocker for low wetted surface and to keep the transoms from dragging. The result is a boat that is as easy and satisfying to row as you can expect on such a short waterline. Used as a tender to a larger boat, or kept at a dock, it’s possible to undertake a long afternoon row around the local waters without breaking a sweat.

The Eastport Pram’s many joys are multiplied when you add the sailing rig. Not a clumsy add-on, the large standing-lug sail and efficient rudder and daggerboard convert the pram into a proper sailboat with enough real performance, upwind and down, to keep the most seasoned sailors interested.

Obviously, the boat does well sailing around harbors and other protected waters. I’m curious — with nearly 1,000 built I’m sure there is someone out there who took one of these little prams out in some weather — how it handles a chop. It seems like there is good bit of secondary stability, but that square bow must start to plow and porpoise once it gets over two or three feet.

These boats are extremely popular.  Here is a really well done video of building an Eastport Pram, time released to seven minutes.

Building the Eastport Pram in Seven Minutes from Christian Williams on Vimeo.

Here is another Eastport Pram sailing in California. It looks like this boat would be a blast just ghosting along on a puff of air. Seems to row pretty well, too, for such a short boat.