Simmons Sea Skiff

Simmons Sea Skiff

LOA: 17′ 1″ | Beam: 5’7″ | Draft: 5″

I found this Simmons Sea Skiff for sale on Craigslist. It is located near Raleigh in Cary, NC.  The Simmons is a great, seaworthy design and looks pretty sweet, too, with its sweeping, tall bow and vee forward easing back into a wide flat stern with a motor well keeping the stern free and clear. With a 25 HP motor, the Simmons will make quite a pace even with a few pals aboard.

You get a real sense of the boat’s abilities in a chop from an owner posting on the Wooden Boat Forum.

In close chop or swells, I can’t think of a boat I would rather be in than my tippy Simmons 18. At rest, regardless of which way the waves are coming, it just bobs up and down and slides over them. No surprises. When under way, when other boats have the throttle down and their noses to the air and their stern in a hole, The Simmons wants to be on plane, which means I am back at the launch quicker. 14-20 knots in 2-3 ft chop, and I am not the ultimate adrenaline junkie.

$3,500 seems like a pretty fair price with a decent motor — especially compared to this newer Simmons in Charleston, SC going for $12,000.

Here’s a really well done video explaining some of the Simmons’ history and detailing the construction of a replica.


  1. Thomas Dolan

    Which is the easier boat to build, the Simmons high side 20 or a Tollman skiff of comparable size? I’ve never built a boat before but have repaired/restored a few. Thanks for any info.


  2. sean

    I can’t say. The only boats I have built are simple plywood stitch-and-glue boats along the lines of Bolger, Michelak, Spira et al. I’m sure there are some folks to answer your question over on the Wooden Boat forum. Good luck!

  3. daniel

    Is this 18 ft simmons still for sale? Please respond as i am in the market for one.

  4. Chuck Boklage

    are you offering this boat for sale ?

  5. Chuck Boklage

    are you offering this boat for sale ?

    Simmons Sea Skiff located in Cary NC
    with a 25hp motor
    for $3500

    I can’t find an address or phone number
    just this ‘comment’ box

  6. Chuck Boklage

    I haven’t been able to find anything more about the Simmons Sea Skiff you ‘liked’ in Cary NC, on Craigslist. or any way other than this to contact you to find out more….

  7. sean

    Chuck, I am not offering any of these boats for sale. As of right now, this blog is mostly boats I find for sale around the internet. But maybe in the future I could make this more of a boats for sale site. For now, I can recommend Craigslist and (for sailboats).

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